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Headshots and portraits with tropical glamour. 


we need to own our beauty...

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How does it work?

I have a dreamy, modern and elegant style. The session for you will be quick, fun and friendly. We will have a great time while getting your best pictures ever. You will be able to select the photographs you like best while we are shooting and focus on getting the images you want. We shoot a variety of looks and expressions to meet your website, marketing and social media needs. 

Through Monica's knowledge of correct posing, favorable facial angles, flattering body positioning, effective lighting, clear directions and coaching, high quality camera lenses and equipment, and professional set up, we will help you achieve your dream portrait in a fun-filled and relaxed session. We collaborate with you on your image and tailor your portraits for use on social media, for business branding, on websites, and, of course, for tropical glamour. 

How should I prepare?

Headshot sessions usually last 30 minutes and portrait sessions last 60 minutes. Please be ready on time so as not to cut into our window of opportunity. A good night's rest and solid meal will give you a fresh look in your photos, so don't skimp on personal considerations the day of the shoot. Styled hair, similar to your hair on a "good hair day," a neat manicure, pressed clothing and fresh make-up (or grooming for men) will insure you look your best.

Headshots look best which faithfully represent to your client how they will see you at work. Wear clothing your client will see you in when they meet you, wear clothing you love and feel good in, and keep in mind that people tend to look best in solid colors. Portraits looks best when your clothing and accoutrements express the essence of who you are, your personality. 

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What if I want professional make-up?

If you are interested in having your make-up done professionally for the session, check out the Beauty Experts at Sephora in Whaler's Village at Kaanapali. You can book a session with them online. Be sure to tell your make-up artist that this is for a photography session and ask them to avoid shiny or reflective products. If you like, I can meet you there for your make-up application to help you choose the correct look.

I am also available to assist in styling your outfits for the shoot in a pre-shoot consultation that can include a shopping trip to get the looks you would like for an additional styling service fee. In any case, you are encouraged to bring several outfits to the session to have options available to you as we get into the session. 

Once you've selected the shots you want, each digital image is $25. Each key image you select will be digitally polished and retouched for your social media needs. If you later need more images for your website, marketing or social media needs, please avail yourself of our returning client rates. 

Monica's headshot session rate is $150 for the shoot which lasts 1/2 hour. There is a $75 deposit required to book a session, this is non-refundable and goes towards your session. Monica's portrait session rate is $300 for the shoot which lasts 1 hour, with a $150 non-refundable deposit that is applied towards your session. We shoot in Monica's outdoor studio in Kaanapali.             Other locations available upon request. 

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